Garden design

1 – First Consultation

This is an one hour meeting where we will discuss your family’s needs to develop a conceptual plan for the project, providing the client with a visual representation of ideas for each area of the garden. First inspection of the object.

2 – First Plans

From our conversations we will have a clear picture of your garden possibilities to be for you to enjoy it for many years to come. We will design also small drawings so that you can imagine it. That will also include a garden analysis, design brief. Also garden architecture, summer houses, benches, arches, and materials like paving, wood, stones, sculptures. Preparing of the landscaping project.

3 – Garden Plan

After meeting and preparation works we will draw final plan, in scale and in color.

4 – Planting Plan

We know that the plants will make a great design. Plants are selected specifically for each area of your garden according to soil and light conditions, and ensuring that the combination of plants will work together to give you all year around beauty.

5 – Establishing works

Finally it is time to move the plan into a reality.


– Garden design –

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